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Taqueria Corona

Phone: 012.629.986
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Taqueria Corona is Mexican restaurant located on the street 51. They serve some of the best Mexican food we tried in Phnom Penh and is an obvious choice when it comes Mexican good food and a little Corona & Margarita. Small nice restaurant with friendly staff.

Info:Open Time: 11.30am to 2pm / 6pm to 10pm (no lunch on Sundays)
Food Style: Mexican food
How many Seats: 30+
Seats inside / outside: Inside
Wi-Fi: No
Need Reservation: Can be busy
Table Reservation: 089 28 16 26 / 012 629 986Links:Visit WebsitePrice Hint:Local Beer – Can: from $1.50
Imported Beer (Corona) – Bottle: from $3.00
Margarita: from $2.75
Standard Drink: from $2.00 (mixer $0.50)Fajitas: $7.75
Burritos: $6.75
Tacos: $6.25


Address: street 110
Phone: 012.629.986
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