Flavour Restaurant - Phnom Penh

Flavour Restaurant

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Flavour Restaurant is another of our favorite restaurants in Phnom Penh. Very good food and relatively cheap for a restaurant in this class. You can sit outside in great comfortable chairs and have a good view of what is happening on the street. A tip – they serve really great burgers and pasta if you like that!

Open Time: 7am to midnight
Food Style: Western, Asian, Pizza etc.
How many Seats: 50+
Seats inside / outside: Both
Wi-Fi: Yes
Need Reservation: No
Table Reservation: +855 (0) 23 22 47 52
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Price Hint:
Local Beer – Bottle: from $1.50
Imported Beer – Bottle: from $1.75
Glass of Wine: from $2.75
Standard Drink: from $2.75
Cocktail: from $3.25Steak w Fries / Baked Potato: $8.75
Ceasar Salad with Chicken: $6.25
Pasta Bolognese: $6.00