Liar's Dice Mondays

Liar’s Dice Mondays @ Sharky’s

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Venue: Sharky’s Bar

Agenda: Liar’s Dice Mondays

Time: 8pm-12am (every Monday)

HOW to play:

Objective of the game is to have as many dice as possible at the end of the game.

Each player starts with 5 dice under your cup
Player makes a “Call” (guess) as to how many 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s or 6’s there are under everyone’s cups adding all dice together – 4 players = 20 dice
Roll to see who goes 1st, then the person that starts is the person that lost the last Call
The dice-face of 1 can be used as a wildcard or joker and added to the other dice on the table…Meaning out of twenty dice, if there were five 4’s and three 1’s that would be a total of eight 4’s
Killing the 1’s – The 1st person to make a Call each round, if they call 1’s, eg one 1, two 1’s, five 1’s etc, this kills the wildcard until someone looses a Call. A 1 is just a 1 and can not be used as a wild card and added to 2’s, 3’s, 4’s 5’s and 6’s. When we start again, the 1’s are again wild.
The increased Calls go like this…if I say there are four 4’s, you must increase to four 5’s, four 6’s, however if you go down in face value, you must go up in number, eg you would have to say five 2’s, five 3’s or five 4’s
Players must increase the Call until someone calls Bullshit
How do you win or loose? If player makes a Call and the next player calls Bullshit, the player that is wrong would loose 1 die. Eg, 20 dice on the table, player calls seven 5’s, next player calls Bullshit, if there are seven 5’s on the table the player that made the Call wins and the player that called Bullshit looses and vice verse
Must be a natural – There must be at least 1 natural of whatever the face-value Call number is – meaning you call six 3’s and there are six 1’s but no natural 3’s, you loose – someone must have a natural three
No one call call Bullshit out of turn – if you lift your cup out of order, there is a loss of 1 dice penalty. Wait your turn to lift your cup, this makes it easier for score keeper in large games and also builds the suspense coming around to the person that made the Call
Double stacked – if you uncover your cup and the dice are stacked, show your fellow players and reroll
Do not shake, look at your dice and then shake again
There are certain Calls we drink on, two 2’s, five 5’s, ten 4’s and thirteen 3’s
Not always, but most of the time there is a shot put in the middle of the table, the first person out of the game has to take the shot


Illegal so we don’t do it.

But if we did this is how it would go…

$1 per person – there has NEVER been a game played in the bar for more than $1 and the game takes 5 minutes per person so it’s very cheap entertainment

In a game of 5 people or more, the 2nd place person gets their dollar back!

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