Cham Tomuk Phnom Penh

Chak Tomuk

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Chak Tomuk River Restaurant in Phnom Penh is a newly opened restaurant located in the best location on the riverside. It is lavishly decorated and furnished to create great atmosphere. They serve really good Western and Asian food and have very good prices on both food and drink. Clearly worth a visit and a great way to start your evening in Phnom Penh’s riverside community.

Open Time: 7am to midnight
Food Style: Western, Asian
How many Seats: 20+
Seats inside / outside: Inside & Outside
Wi-Fi: Yes
Need Reservation: No
Table Reservation: +855 (0) 12 92 88 51
Price Hint:
Local Beer Draft: from $1.00
Standard Drink: from $1.50
Glass of Wine: from $2.50Breakfast: from $2.50
Steaks (Imported): from $7.50
Pizza: from $6.50

$0.80 for draft beer – (4pm to 7.30pm)
$2.00 for cocktail – (4pm to 7.30pm)